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Up to 30% of our investors withdraw their earnings and reinvest in different plans. This is allowed and we encourage you to do so.

There are different investment plans, and it would be a shame if you tied your earnings on only one plan. The different plans are designed to encourage growth, so take advantage of them. There are lots of investors that started small, but today are capable of investing between $1,000 and $10,000 on a plan.

The management has been planning a seminar for November where members and investors will be able to know first hand on what modalities to take to build substantial wealth. When a venue has been settled, we are going to make an announcement to enable members and investors make the right decisions to attend.

Please do contact us whenever you have questions.
First of all, we wish to recognize the presence of Mercier who has invited a group of more than 150 French investors from Canada and France to join and invest in CryptoDixon. Our members recognize your good work.

A good reputation will always attract the right audience. Evident by this achievement by Mercier. He started with a test investment, and requested for evidence to present to his team. He increased his investment, and informed us that he was coming in with some of his group.

In the next coming months, it will become very clear to everyone that our investment platform happens to be one of the best this 2021.

Contact us if you have any questions.

Know that to invest is easy. To build wealth is even easier through CryptoDixon.Com
We wish to welcome and thank our new investors. Your presence here is recognized and we will use this opportunity to tell you that you have made the right decisions by investing.

Your first money will be deposited into your account in less than 24 hours, and the money is available for you to withdraw. You will find that in the next few days, weeks, and months, that this is one of the best decisions you made this year as your income will continue to rise, and money will continue coming into your account.

Our support team is available to respond to your inquiries, so contact us any time you have questions.

We will also like to thank our regular investors that have tested the system and trusted it, and have continued to invest with us. We assure you that the trust you bestowed on us will never be betrayed. Be assured that together we will build one of the best systems in 2021 and beyond. Thanks.

We also like to thank those who are very active in referring others to join CryptoDixon.Com. We are receiving lots of new members daily. Be assured that your referral commission will continue to come to your account without interruption.

We wish you a lovely week ahead.
We have been bombarded with questions about BitCoin and if it is still safe to invest in BitCoin because of the recent dip (still potentially) in BitCoin.

Our answer is yes. If you believe in BitCoin, there is no time it is not good to invest your money in BitCoin. BitCoin or crypto investment is a long term investment plan, and not a short term. That noted, it will be advisable to continue to invest.

Many people believe that CryptoDixon and BitCoin are the same type of investment. No. BitCoin has a volatility to it, but whereas CryptoDixon does not have that volitivity to it. But one thing you must understand is that if you invested $10,000 with BitCoin a week ago into CryptoDixon, CryptoDixon servers recognize your investment as $10,000 and you will continue to receive profits on $10,000 investment. Whenever you withdrew your profit, we are going to send to you exactly the amount you withdrew, but we are not going to guarantee your withdrawal from your Crypto Wallet to your bank account. We can only guarantee that what you withdrew in BitCoin or Crypto is what you received into your Crypto Wallet. From there onwards to your bank account is beyond our service.

If any of this article is confusing to you, please contact us. But one thing that is assured is that your investment amount and profit will never change. You can continue to build wealth with CryptoDixon in the coming weeks, months and years.

Hope your day has been good.
If you have noticed over the few days we engaged in massive advertisement. As the traffic begins to land hugely, our hosting company then advised us to migrate to a top-end dedicated server and that was exactly what we embarked on in the last 2 days. The migration is now fully completed, and services fully restored to normal. You should now be able to access your account without any issues.

Please note that you can always contact us any time 24/7. If you come and no agent is online, please leave an offline and we will surely get back to you.
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